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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Mata Ganga Khalsa Collegefor Girls, Manji Sahib, Kottan   had established an IQAC in September 2016, which is the main body to look after the quality aspect of the institute. The institution is committed to provide quality education to the students which comprises of a number of parameters such as the quality of students it produces, quality of services it provides,quality and quantum of the academic and intellectual output of the faculty and the contribution of the college to the society. The concept of IQAC has been promoted in a big way by UGC coming forward to fund institutions for establishing it. It acts as a repository of institutional data that can be easily accessed by stake holders. It is believed that the quality of assessment depends on the quality of its assessors. The IQAC works with the objective to discuss strategies at maximizing the impact of university – community collaborations towards quality in higher education, evolve curriculum based outreach through public private partnership and evolve focus on corporate social responsibility. The IQAC also ensures the involvement of teaching and non-teaching staff, students and other prominent persons in the decision making process.

It monitors entire academic program through sustained efforts to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution. The part of the syllabus covered, lesson plans and the notes prepared by the teachers are often crosschecked. The IQAC periodically interact with the students and the faculty to create a healthy and cordial environment for teaching and learning. Tutorial classes are held to get feedback response from the students. Alumni, parents and other stake holders are encouraged to actively participate in quality related institutional processes adopted by the college. All the information related to the institute is communicated to staff and students by way of circulars and notices. The teachers and the departments are asked to submit their achievements to the   IQAC. All the staff members engage themselves in different capacities, in different activities to maintain quality in every sphere. It has been formed with members of staff, students, management, alumni and three public representatives.  It conducts meetings every quarter under the chairmanship of the Principal and senior faculty as the members. The representatives in IQAC perform a very constructive role by giving suggestions regarding quality aspects of the college and they also help in arranging financial aid from philanthropic individuals and organizations.

  • Statement of Compliance
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (2011-2012)
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (2012-2013)
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (2013-2014)
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (2014-2015)
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (2015-2016)
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (2016-2017) 
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (2017-2018)   
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (2018-2019)    
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (2019-2020)    
  •                                    Calendar (2018-2019)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mata  Ganga Khalsa College For Girls, Manji Sahib, 

    Kottan (Ludhiana)

    First Meeting of Internal Quality  Assurance Cell  (IQAC)

                                                              21st September 2016

                                                                Agenda of the Meeting


    1.      IQAC to be formed.

    2.       Members of IQAC to be chosen from outside.

    3.      Members of IQAC to be selected amongst   seniors faculty members.

    4.      Student representatives to be selected as IQAC members from different streams.

    5.      Parent representative to be selected for IQAC.

    6.      Steering Committee to be formed.

    7.      Research journal.

    8.      Arrangements to conduct  House & Annual Examinations.

    9.      Feed back system to be strengthened.

    10.   Seminars & Conferences to be arranged by different Post Graduate departments.

    11.   Swacch  Bharat Abhiyan  to be implemented in college premises.

    12.   NAAC team to be invited for inspection in the last quarter of 2017.

    13.   Writing of Self Study Report (SSR) to bestarted.

    14.   Apply to Panjab University, Chandigarh forgetting affiliation in three new courses to be started from session 2017-18.

    15.   To conduct religious functions  in college.

    16.   To make arrangements for cultural activities& Zonal Youth Festivals.

    17.   To prepare teams for Khalsai Khed Mela.

    18.   To give assignments to students in differentsubjects as well as to conduct class Seminars.

    19.   Prepare teams for Inter Zonal Youth Festival


    Mata  Ganga Khalsa College For Girls, Manji Sahib,

    Kottan (Ludhiana)

    Second Meeting ofInternal Quality  Assurance  Cell (IQAC)

    24th January2017

    Agenda of the Meeting


    1.      Facultymembers to be assigned duties as per the requirements of NAAC. 

    2.      Environmentalissues to be discussed.

    3.      Requiredinfrastructure in the college.

    4.      Permissionto be taken from SGPC to conduct NAAC inspection in college .

    5.      SSRreport to be prepared &  LOI  to be submitted by 31st March2017.

    6.      Budgetproposal to be prepared.

    7.      IQACto be reviewed.

    8.      Workof steering committee to be reviewed.

    9.      Seminars& Conferences to be arranged by different post graduate departments.

    10.   Teachers be instructed to make more use ofsmart classes & other Audio Visual aids.

    11.   Cleanliness drive to be strengthened.

    12.   Faculty members to be encouraged to focus onresearch activities.

    13.   IEQA to be submitted.

    14.   Advertisement and canvassing for admission tonext session.

    15.   Infrastructure to  be improved.

    16.   Inspection of new courses already applied for.

    17.   Requirement for teachers in the next session.

    18.   Arrangements for convocation.

    19.    Arrangements for Prize Distribution function.

    20.   To make arrangements for Alumni Meet.

    21.   Prospectus to be prepared for next session.

    22.   Proceedings of History Conference &Punjabi Seminar to be published in the form of two books with ISBN number.

    23.   Participation in Inter varsity Youth Festival.

    24.   Make arrangement for Inter collegetournaments. 

    25.   Call for auction of Tuck Shop & Canteen intwo daily newspapers.

    26.   Advertisement in newspapers for Private Busesto be hired for Session 2017-18.

    Mata  Ganga Khalsa College For Girls, Manji Sahib,

     Kottan (Ludhiana)

    ThirdMeeting of Internal Quality Assurance  Cell  (IQAC)

                17th   July 2017

                Agenda of the Meeting


    1.      Requiredquality standards as per IQAC norms to be maintained.

    2.      Recordof all UG & PG departments to be scrutinized.

    3.      Recordof Non- Teaching staff to be checked.

    4.      Beautificationof college campus.

    5.      Necessaryfunds to be arranged at the earliest.

    6.      Teachinglearning process to be strengthened.

    7.      Threenew courses to be started from July 2017 onwards.

    8.       Seminars & conferences to be arranged inupcoming session.

    9.       Funds to be made available for upgrading infrastructure.

    10.   Necessary purchases for opening session.

    11.   Sri Sehaj Path for the upcoming session in theform of Mata Ganga  Diwas.

    12.   Starting of the new academic session with theorientation/induction program.

    13.   Time Table to be prepared.

    14.   Working of different cells to be reviewed.

    15.   Necessary repair & white wash of thecollege building.

    16.   New books to be purchased.

    17.   Syllabus for the upcoming session to bediscussed.

    18.   Canvassing & advertisement process to be implemented.

    19.    Academic calendar to be prepared

    20.   Necessary arrangement for NAAC team to visitcollege either on 30th & 31st October 2017 or 15th& 16th November 2017.

     Mata  Ganga Khalsa College For Girls, Manji Sahib,

     Kottan (Ludhiana)

    First Meeting of Internal Quality  Assurance Cell  (IQAC)

               21st September 2016


    Implementation of Agenda

    ·        IQACto be formed .

    ·        Membersof IQAC to be chosen from outside.

    ·        Membersof IQAC to be selected amongst   seniorsfaculty members.

    ·        Studentrepresentatives to be selected as IQAC members from different streams.

    ·        Parentrepresentative to be selected for IQAC.

    IQACwas formed &following members were inducted from outside & from amongstthe senior faculty.

    Chairperson                                       Prof.Kirpal Singh Badungar, President,                                                                                SGPC, Sri Amritsar

                                                                Dr.DharminderSingh Ubha

    Director, Directorateof Education SGPC

                                                                S. Harcharan Singh

    Chief Secretary, SGPC

                                                                            Dr.Kuldip Kaur Dhaliwal, Principal

             External Members                              Dr.Tarsem Bahia (Retired Principal),

                                                                           Dr. TejinderKaur Dhaliwal  (Principal)

                                                                            Ex.ChairmanPSEB,SAS Nagar

                                                                                        S. Kuldeep Singh (RetiredProfessor)

        Coordinator                                         Mrs. Harpreet Kaur

        Report Writing                                      Dr. Kamaljit Rai

        Record Keeper                                      Mrs.Harinder Kaur

        Data Operator                                       Mr. Yogesh Kumar

              TeachingFaculty                                   Dr.Kanwaljit Kaur                            

              TeachingFaculty                                   Mrs.Jagroop Kaur                             

              TeachingFaculty                                   Mrs.Manjit Kaur                               

              TeachingFaculty                                   Mrs.Baljit Kaur                                 

              TeachingFaculty                                   Mrs.Neeru Garg

               LocalCollege Managing Committee   S. J.S.Oberoi              

               LocalCollege Managing Committee   S. RaghubirSingh Saharanmajra       

               LocalCollege Managing Committee   S.InderjitSingh Lopon

               OfficeSupdt.                                       S.Baljinder Singh      

    Student(Arts)                                     Ms.Davinder Kaur

    Student(Science)                                Ms.Manjot Kaur

               Student (Commerce)                           Ms.Anjali

    Student (ComputerScience)               Ms. Prabhjot Kaur

    Parents Representative                        S.Parkash Singh(LecturerSen. Sec.                     School,Nasrali)

    ·         SteeringCommittee to be formed.

    Steeringcommittee to work on seven criterions as required for NAAC inspection wasformed. The following members were chosen:

               Dr.(Mrs.) Kuldip kaur Dhaliwal                                 Chairperson

               Mrs. Harpreet Kaur                                                     Co-ordinator


               Dr.Kamaljit Rai                                                           ReportWriting

               Mrs. Varinderjit Kaur                                                 Member

               Dr. Mandeep Kaur                                                      Member

               Dr. Roopa Kaur                                                          Member

    Mrs.Rajinder Kaur                                                     Member

               Mrs. Harinder Kaur                                                     Member

               Mrs. Agamjyot Kaur Tiwana                                      Member

               Ms. Sandeep Kaur                                                      Member

               Mrs. Prabhjot Kaur                                                     Member

    Dr. Manju Bala Saddi                                                 Member

    Mrs. Mala Malik                                                          Member

    Ms. ChandanaRajput                                                 Member

    ·        Researchjournal.

    Wehave applied for publication of Annual Research Journal on social sciences. Theeditorial board was formed & duties assigned, so that the journal  may be published soon. The members in theEditorial Board are as follows:

    Dr.KuldipKaur Dhaliwal

    Dr.Kanwaljit Kaur

    Mrs.Harpreet Kaur

    Mrs.Baljit Kaur

    Mrs.Agamjyot Kaur Tiwana

    Mrs.Neeru Garg

    Dr.Kamaljit Rai


    ·        Arrangementto conduct Mid Semester Tests & Final Semester Examinations .

    Dean(Academics) & Dean (Examination) have been instructed to conduct MST’s aswell as the Final Semester Examinations. Answer sheets & question Paper were sent for printing to thepublishing house for MST’s.


    ·        Feedback system to be strengthened.

    FeedBack system was strengthened & students filled the feedback Proformas.Parents were also involved that so that authentic feedback could be obtained. Suggestionboxes were opened by Prof. Manjit Kaur(P.R.O.) & record of feedbackproformas was maintained . Suggestion boxes are kept in lobby  & Library, so that students can givetheir feed back anonymously. To obtained oral feedback from the students,tutorial classes were conducted on regular basis.

    ·        Seminars& Conferences to be arranged by different Post Graduate departments.

    PostGraduate Department of History organized a two day National  Conference sponsored by  ICHR on 15th & 16thNovember 2016 on the topic “50 years since the formation of Punjabi suba”.

    PostGraduate Department of Punjabi organized a one day  National Seminar on 24th November2016 on the topic “Sahib e kamaal Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji” .

    Yoga& Meditattion workshop was organized in the college from 4th to8th Oct. 2016.

    ·        Swacch  Bharat Abhiyan  to be implemented in college premises .

    BhaiGhaniya Ji Diwas as Swacch Bharat Abhiyan was celebrated on 3rd Sept. 2016 as part of NCC activity.Environment day was celebrated on 10th Sept. 2016  in which students as well as staff membersplanted trees.NCC Cadets also volunteered & also participated in SwacchBharat Abhiyan.

    ·        NAACteam to be invited for inspection in the last quarter of 2017.

    Itwas decided in the staff meeting that NAAC team will be invited for inspectionin the last quarter of 2017.Tenttative dates were sent to the NAAC, Bangalore.

    ·        Writingof Self Study Report (SSR) to be started.

    MsHarpreet Kaur (Coodinator) & Ms Kamaljit Rai (Report Writer) & Mr.Yogesh Kumar (Data Operator) have started the work of compiling of SSR.

    ·        Applyto Panjab University, Chandigarh for getting affiliation in three new coursesto be started from session 2017-18.

    Wehave applied to Panjab university, Chandigarh to get affiliation for B.Sc  Medical (1st Semester) M.Com (1stSemester) & MSc Fashion Designing (1st Semester) to be startedfrom the next session 2017-18.

    ·        Toconduct religious functions  in college.

    GuruNanak Dev ji’s birthday Celebration & arrangement of Langar for students& staff was made in collaboration with Gurdwara Manji Sahib Kottan.

    ·         To makearrangements for cultural activities & Zonal Youth & Heritage   Festival.

    Zonalyouth & Heritage festival duties were assigned & Dean (CulturalAffairs) made all the necessary arrangements. Coaches, accompanists etc.wereinvited for various teams so that proper rehearsals could be started soon.  Our students participated in Music, Homescience, Fine Arts, Quiz ,Drama, Giddha, Debate , Creative Writing  & other Heritage items.Giddha team &Fine Arts students also  participated in‘PARGASS’ held at Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University, Sri Fatehgarh Sahib.  

    ·         Toprepare teams for Khalsai Khed Mela.

     Dean (Sports) prepared the teams &arranged for the coaches for various games. Gataka, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi,  Table-Tennis, Badminton, Rassa Kassi,Football, Athletics. NCC Cadets also participated in Khalsai Khed Mela  held at Sri Anandpur Sahib.

    ·        Togive assignments to students in different subjects as well as to conduct classSeminars.

    Headsof all the five Post Graduate Departments gave assignments, Mock-Tests,conducted seminars & group discussions in the class rooms as part of theircurriculum so that the students improve their communication skills. 

    ·        Prepareteams for Inter Zonal Youth Festival.

    Vaar,Paranda, Clay Modeling, Phulkari, Bagh  items were sent for Inter Zonal YouthFestival. Incharges of these items prepared the students & sent the teams forthe same.

                             Mata Ganga  Khalsa College For Girls,Manji Sahib,

    Kottan (Ludhiana)


    Second  Meeting of Internal Quality  Assurance Cell  (IQAC)

    24thJanuary 2017


    Implementation of Agenda

    ·        Facultymembers to be assigned duties as per the requirements of NAAC.

    Different Committeeswith reference to NAAC were formed & duties were assigned to all the facultymembers. (Annexure-1)

    ·        Environmentalissues to be discussed.

    Rainwater harvesting,Vermi-compost, Solar lights were repaired so that the environment can be saved.Tree plantation was done on World Environment Day on 5th June 2017.TheKitchen garden, Botanical garden & the orchard  were upgraded & new saplings wereadded. 

    ·        Requiredinfrastructure in the college.

    More   almirahs, furniture, clay pots were added to upgrade the infrastructure of the college.

    ·        Permissionto be taken from SGPC to conduct NAAC inspection in college.

    Principal of thecollege wrote to the president of SGPC for the upcoming visit of NAAC Team tothe college Campus.

    ·        SSRreport to be prepared & LOI to be submitted by 31st March 2017.

    SSR  report was prepared, loaded on the collegeweb-site & Letter of Intent(LOI) was submitted on 31st of March2017 along with the demand draft of Rs. 28750/-.Five hardcopies of the samewere also sent by registered speed post to NAAC, Bangalore .

    ·        Budgetproposal to be prepared.

    Budget proposal torepair, maintain & white wash the college campus was prepared. Proposal wassent to the office of President (SGPC).

    ·        IQACto be reviewed.

    Because of change inthe leadership SGPC,Jathedar Avtar Singh Makkar was replaced by  Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar & as IQAC  chairpersonis President of SGPC, it was decided to change the same.

    ·        Workof steering committee to be reviewed.

    The seven criterions ofSSR were reviewed by members of Steering committee and ongoing work on SSR wasalso reviewed.

    ·        Seminars& Conferences to be arranged by different post graduate departments.

    PostGraduate Dept. of Punjabi conducted one day national seminar sponsored byCollege Development Council ,Panjab University Chandigarh on the topic ‘PunjabiBhasha, Sahit Ate Sabiachar: Viphin Paripekh’ on 17th Feb. 2017.

    PostGraduate Dept. of Political  Science  conducted one day national seminar sponsoredby SGPC on the topic ‘State Politics : Problems & Solutions’ on 18thFeb. 2017.

     Post Graduate Dept. of Economics conducted oneday Data Dissemination Workshop in collaboration with Directorate of CensusOperations, Govt. of India, on the topic “Census 2011”  on 17th March  2017.

    ·         Teachers instructed to make more use of smartclasses & other Audio Visual aids.

    Facultymembers of Post Graduate departments were advised to present their papers on PowerPoint. Various movies were shown by the Language departments related to variousNovels & Dramas.

    ·        Cleanlinessdrive to be strengthened.

    One day cleanliness drivewas organized in the college campus in the month of February by variousdepartments of college.

    ·        Facultymembers to be encouraged to focus on research activities.

    Almost all the staffmembers presented their research papers in all the seminars & conferencesheld in the college as well as other colleges.

    ·        IEQAto be submitted.

    IEQA was submitted on20th April 2017 & inspection fees of Rs. 1,72,500 was sent toNAAC, Bangalore.

    ·        Advertisementand canvassing for admission to next session.

    Faculty members visitednearly 200 schools for canvassing .Door to door canvassing duties were also assigned& local Gurdwaras  were also involvedin the process .Advertisement of the college was also done through cablenetwork, autorickshaw ,banners  &pamphlets in newspapers.

    ·         Infrastructure to  be improved.

    Repair work wasstarted  with the help of Kar Sewaks of GurdwaraManji Sahib , Kottan

    ·         Inspectionof new courses already applied for.

    Inspection team fromPanjab university, Chandigarh visited the college campus on 08-04-2017 for thenew upcoming courses B.Sc (Medical)  1st  Semester , M.Com 1st  Semester, MSc Fashion Designing 1st Semester that we have applied for.Approval was given for the same by the inspection team.

    ·        Requirementof teachers in the next session.

    Requirement of Adhoc& Contractual staff in various departments was sent to Director, Directorateof education for further action. Advertisement in two daily national newspaperswas also given.

    ·         Arrangementsfor Prize Distribution function

    Prize Distributionfunction was held on 11-04-2017 & Dr. Jatinder Singh Sidhu was  the chief guest & he gave away theprizes  to the students.

    ·         To make arrangements for  Alumni Meet.

    Alumini  meet was held on 11-04-2017. Compulsoryrehearsal for degree holders took place on the same day. Various duties wereassigned for the same.

    ·        Arrangementsfor convocation.

    Duties were assigned tothe faculty members & Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar President  SGPC was the chief guest & Pro VC of GuruKashi University Talwandi Sabo, Dr. Jagpal Singh  distributed the degrees on 12 April 12-4-2017.

    ·        Prospectusto be prepared for next session.

    Prospectus Committeewas formed & necessary changes were made by them in the new prospectus for theupcoming session 2017-18.

    ·        Proceedingsof History Conference & Punjabi Seminar to be published in the form of twobooks with ISBN number.

    Publishing house wasgiven the order to publish the proceedings of History conference  & Punjabi Seminar in the form of bookwith ISBN Number.

    ·        Participationin Inter varsity Youth Festival.

    Vaar gayan  team of our college participated in Inter Varsitycompetition organized by Punjab Govt. at Panjab University, Chandigarh

    ·         Makearrangement for Inter College tournaments.

    Gatka  & Football teams were sent to GHG CollegeGurusar Sudhar in the month of Jan 2017. Dean (Sports) was instructed to make thenecessary arrangements for the stay of the athletes.

    ·        Callfor auction of Tuck Shop & Canteen in two daily newspapers.

    In response to auctionnotice in newspapers, many respondents appeared & the auction will take placeon 20 June 2017.

    ·        Advertisementin newspapers for Private Buses to be hired for Session 2017-18.

    Private Bus operatorshave applied for hiring of their buses for the new session & meeting forthe same will be held on 19 June 2017.  

                                     Mata  Ganga Khalsa College For Girls, Manji Sahib,

    Kottan (Ludhiana)

    ThirdMeeting of Internal Quality Assurance  Cell  (IQAC)

    17th   July 2017

    Implementation of Agenda

    ·        Requiredquality standards as per IQAC norms to be maintained.

    Asper IQAC norms, quality standards are being maintained & the record ofTeaching & Non-Teaching staff is being checked.

    ·        Recordof all UG & PG departments to be scrutinized.

    Recordof all UG & PG departments is being continuously  scrutinized & checked by the Principal & the concerned  Deans. 

    ·        Recordof Non- Teaching staff to be checked.

    S.Baljinder Singh, Supdt. of the college reviewed the record of Non-Teachingstaff concerned with Examinations, Panjab University related documents  details of expenditure & accounts. Auditcommittee from SGPC audits the accounts every month.

    ·        Beautificationof college campus.

    Repairwork & beautification of college campus is going on & the concernedcommittees are doing the needful.          

    ·        Necessaryfunds to be arranged at the earliest.

    Principalof the college has sent the proposal to President of SGPC for necessary fundsto be made available for the visit of NAAC Team & other requirements.

    ·        Teachinglearning process to be strengthened.

    Inthe new academic session 2017-18, more use of smart classes will be encouraged& Heads of all departments (UG & PG) were instructed to keep check onAdhoc & contractual staff & to Implement ICT based teaching learningtechniques. Students will also be inspired to present their assignments onPower Point  

    ·        Threenew courses to be started from July 2017 onwards.

    Headsof Science, Fashion Designing & Commerce dept. have been instructed toenroll students in the new courses & assign Time-Table & other relatedwork to the new faculty.        

    ·        Seminars& conferences to be arranged in upcoming session.

    Proposalto conduct National Seminar has been sent to College Development Council,Panjab University Chandigarh by the Post Graduate Dept. of Political Science.PG Dept. of History has also sent the proposal to ICHR, New Delhi  to organize Two Day conference in the month ofNovember. PG Dept. of Economics & Political Science have  also sent the proposal to ICSSR , NewDelhi  to organize Two Day Seminar onenvironmental issues  in the month of February2018. Dept. of  English will celebrate“Shakespeare week” in which chart papers, Quiz, Lectures &  Paper reading contests will be organized .

    ·         Funds to be made available for upgradinginfrastructure.

    Proposalwas sent to SGPC, Sri Amritsar for additional funds for upgradinginfrastructure (to buy more benches, chairs, almirahs, computers, projector,books , journals ,clay pots, garden benches, etc).

    ·        Necessarypurchases for the new academic session.

    Purchasecommittee comprising of faculty members & supdt. of the college havealready started with the purchase work after due inspection by the Inspectorappointed by SGPC.

    ·        SriSehaj Path for the upcoming session inthe form of Mata Ganga  Diwas.

    MataGanga  Ji Diwas was celebrated on 17 July2017 to commemorate the memory of Mata Ganga Ji & the beginning of new academicsession. Gatka competition were organized in collaboration with SGPC &Gurdwara Manji Sahib, Kottan.  Bhog ofSri Sehaj Path will take place in the presence of students in the near future.

    ·        Startingof the new academic session with the orientation/induction program.

    Dean(Academics) Ms Jagroop Kaur will conduct orientation/induction program of all 1stsemester UG & PG students in all the streams. Time Table will be announcedby the Time Table Committee & they will be instructed to follow rules &regulations of the college. Instructions regarding general behavior &discipline will also be given.

    ·        TimeTable to be prepared.

    Time-TableCommittee has prepared the Time-table for the new session 2017-18 & it isdisplayed for the students on the notice boards.

    ·         Workingof different cells to be reviewed.

    Principalof the college reviewed the work of all the cells that are active in thecollege like Legal Literacy cell, Personality Development cell, Human Rightscell, Anti Sexual Harassment cell & instructed the in charges to motivatemore students to become members 

    ·        Necessaryrepair & white wash of the college building.

    Repairwork of washrooms is going on & other maintenance works will start soon.

    ·         New books to be purchased.

    PGdept. of Fashion Designing, Computer Science, Commerce & UG dept. ofScience has purchased books for the main & departmental libraries.

    ·         Syllabus for the upcoming session to bediscussed.

    Principal& HOD’S of all the departments noted the changes if any in the syllabus of allthe streams of Panjab University, Chandigarh.

    ·        Canvassing& advertisement process to be implemented.

    Doorto Door canvassing & visit to the villages to meet sarpanches  & school students by faculty members isgoing on. Advertisement of the college is being done through Cable net work,pamphlets in news papers, Flex Banners as well as with the help of audio inauto rickshaws.

    ·         Academiccalendar to be prepared.

    Academiccalendar has been prepared .

    ·         Necessaryarrangement for NAAC team to visit college either on 30th & 31stOctober 2017 or 15th & 16th November 2017.

    Necessaryarrangements for NAAC team to visit college are being made so that theinspection can take place smoothly.



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